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Your gateway to North Africa & the Arabic-speaking world. We teach Modern Standard Arabic, French, Tunisian Arabic, Libyan Arabic, Amazigh & English. Study abroad and internship packages are available.

Learn Arabic in Tunisia

Arabic is one of the six official UN languages and the mother tongue of hundreds of millions of people around the world. At  Taa Marbouta Language Centre we propose to you Arabic classes to enhance your career or personal life.

 Our evening and online classes target working professionals and students, wether they have a beginner or advanced level, they can benefit from our unique and flexible curriculum. 

We propose to you private or in group Modern Standard Arabic courses.

Learn French in Tunisia

As a former French colony, Tunisia has long been a Francophone country. You can improve your French significantly in Tunisia, likely for much less money than in France and without compromising on quality. 

Our French evening classes target foreigners living and working in Tunisia, while students can join us for a study abroad experience to enhance their language skills and career prospects.

Whatever you are looking for, we can provide it: evening courses with only 2 to 5 participants, or private french classes.


Lean different Arabic Dialects

At Taa Marbouta, you can learn different Arabic Darija. Our experienced teachers will give you lessons and courses that are tailored to help you learn Tunisian Dialect and Libyan Dialect effectively. 

These courses are provided as online and evening classes : 2 hours per session, 2 classes per 1 week. 

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