In order to promote the best of what Tunisia has to offer, we encourage all of our students to engage in Tunisian culture. To that end, we help arrange visits to historical sites including Ancient Carthage, Ottoman Tunis, Colonial Tunis, and Jewish Tunis. We help students attend culture and music events, such as the Sufi ‘Ziyara’ show, at the Carthage ampitheatre and the City of Culture downtown, as well as gigs and concerts in the night clubs of Gammarth, historical palaces in Sidi Bou Said such as Ennajam Ezzahra, and in the National Theatre.


Within the Taa Marbouta Language Centre itself, we organise talks, lectures and discussions on a variety of topical political issues, from national politics to the conflict in Libya, from the Arab Spring to poverty and marginalisation in Tunisia’s interior, from LGBT rights to learning to cook Tunisian dishes.


Outside of class time, we help arrange travel and visits to all corners of the country. Tunisia is a diverse country with a beautiful coastline stretching from Cap Angela as the northernmost point in Africa to the Island of Djerba in the south. Tunisia’s interior regions of Kef and Beja are incredibly green, with magnificent hills stretching all the way to the border with Algeria. The Sahara desert slowly appears as you drive further south, and we can help you experience the best of oasis towns such as Tozeur, and native Amazigh/Berber villages in Tataouine, which is also of interest for Star Wars fans.