Malek Sghiri Scholarship 

Overview / Description:

The Malek Sghiri Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship for a semester-long groupe course at the Taa Marbouta Language Centre in Tunis, Tunisia.The scholarship is only available for the Arabic language. 

The grant covers language classes and internship/research support costs. Please note that accommodation, travel & living costs are not included.


This grant aims to :

  • Increase the academic and professional skills of the participants through full-time academic study, professional internships, and civil society activities;
  • Help connect international students with local NGOs in Tunisia;
  • Learn more about Tunisia and the development of its civil society after the revolution of 2011;
  • Immerse participants in a North African and Arabic-speaking country;
  • Create sustainable links with Tunisian communities and increase students’ cross-cultural understanding;


  • Between 18 and 35 years old
  • From all countries and territories
  • Demonstrable interest in human rights, anti-corruption & civil society


How to apply:

Applicants should submit their CV to info@taamarbouta.com, alongside a 250 word explanation of how their work, studies, or career goals align with the vision and activism of Malek Sghiri.

Awardee is also required to complete a short internship or research project during the summer linked to the issues of human rights, anti-corruption, and civil society. Preference will be given to those who can combine the grant with an additional five weeks of study at the Taa Marbouta Language Centre.


  • Contact info@taamarbouta.com if you have any questions.
  • The subject title of your email should be: Malek Sghiri Scholarship
  • Deadline: 31 July 2022, 23:59 Tunisia time

About Malek Sghiri :

One of the last prisoners of the Ben Ali Regime, Malek Sghiri was arrested on 11 January 2011. He was released six days later to discover that the people of Tunisia had toppled the dictatorship and started the rippling effect of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Malek was an activist as a student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Tunis, and later as a history teacher, researcher, and journalist. He dreamt of a new generation of politicians and founded “Nouvelle Génération جيل جديد”, a movement of young activists in April 2011.

He later joined the “Manish Msameh مانيش مسامح” campaign countering impunity, before becoming head of the “Courant Democrate التيّار الديمقراطي” political academy. Malek passed away on 10 June 2021 at the age of 35 while rescuing a friend from drowning. He lived and died for the values he believed in.