Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic classes are available throughout the year at the Taa Marbouta Language Centre. We have developed our own curriculum for Modern Standard Arabic, in an effort to focus more on Tunisia and North Africa, and also to ensure that the four key skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking are integrated whenever studying a particular topic. So while we do not necessarily have anything against the best-known Arabic resources - such as the al-Kitaab series, alif baa, Elementary Modern Standard Arabic, Media Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary, and many others - we do want to take the opportunity to place Tunisia and North Africa front and centre in our curricula. We remain flexible and attentive to the needs of more advanced learners, and those with very specific needs. For university courses focusing on specific texts or methodologies, we have experience in adapting our own curriculum to seamlessly fit alongside the goals of specific university programmes.

At the beginner level our courses introduce students to the beautiful Arabic alphabet as well as key phrases. Being in Tunis, students are then given plenty of opportunities to apply and practice their burgeoning language skills in different contexts around the city. Our teachers are patient and experienced, and create a safe and comfortable environment for students at the beginning level to gradually enter the magical world of the Arabic language. Our students come from around the world and we are experienced in supporting students from different backgrounds.

At the intermediate level our courses cover a variety of content, with grammar, field visits, workshops, listening, writing, reading, and speaking built in to all themes covered. Topics include culture in Tunisia, minorities, human rights, journalism, democracy, racism, the Arab uprisings, and migration, amongst other issues. At this level all instruction is delivered in Arabic, with students given ample opportunity to apply what they learn and know in different locations in Tunis. There will also be a greater range of internships available to students at this level.

At the advanced level our courses are specifically tailored to the needs and interests of the students. Several of our teachers either have PhDs or are working towards them, and are experienced in catering courses to the goals of the students. Previous students have focused on improving their language skills in relation to topics such as anthropology, history, migration, and human rights. At this level there are a wide range of internships and research opportunities open to students through our network of Tunisian and international organisations.

It is important to us that students do not just sit in a classroom and it is vital that real application takes place. Therefore, we integrate regular field trips and interactive workshops to put what has been taught into action. These sessions include visits to historical or cultural sites around Tunis, and food & cooking workshops. We have also facilitated student visits around the country, as well as to cultural events in the capital. This is all in the name of promoting Tunisia and everything the country has to offer, while supporting deeper cultural understanding and awareness alongside language study.

Our standard intensive Arabic courses consist of four hours of study per day, five days per week, for four weeks. These sessions are available for the price of TND 2,800 per session. Two sessions can be combined for the price of TND 5,200, with a one week break in the middle. This second option meets the requirement for the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships from the U.S. Department of Education: 140 contact hours at the intermediate level, 120 contact hours at the advanced level, and well-qualified instructors. 


The course dates for 2023 are as follows:

Session 1: 02 January - 27 January

Session 2: 06 February - 03 March

Session 3: 13 March - 07 April

Session 4: 17 April - 12 May

Session 5: 29 May - 23 June

Session 6: 03 July - 28 July

Session 7: 31 July - 25 August

Session 8: 11 September - 06 October

Session 9: 16 October - 10 November

Session 10: 20 November - 15 December


For working professionals and those with busy schedules in the day, evening classes are also available for the price of TND 999. This covers 30 hours of evening classes, usually twice per week, with each session lasting 90 minutes. These are available on an ad hoc basis, and can begin once a minimum of two students have signed up. These groups require students to be at approximately the same level of ability, and can be provided to students at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes vary in size between two and eight students.

Private classes are available for TND 75 per hour, with a minimum of 20 hours required in order to process the booking. Schedules for private classes are flexible and simply dependent on the agreement of the student and the teacher. Private classes can take place online or in-person at our school in Carthage, Tunis. Please contact us via email, phone or on social media if you would like to discuss any of the above options further.

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