Libyan Arabic

Taa Marbouta Language Centre helps students, working in or on Libya or who are meeting Libyans regularly by offering them Libyan Arabic Classes. Whether you want to improve your speaking skills, take business Libyan Arabic lessons or prepare for a Libyan Arabic exam, you will find in Taa Marbouta Language Centre all the courses that meet your needs.

Libya is an incredibly diverse and fascinating country, with cultural distinctions in the West, South, and East all making for an interesting country to learn about. Libya is also an extremely important country in North Africa, with migration flows, vast employment opportunities for its neighbours, and unfortunately conflict all being impacted by events inside the country. Libya is also a country consisting of Arabs and Imazighen (Amazigh people), as well as Africans from throughout the continent. It is our hope that we can help introduce more students to the language, people, and cultures of Libya.

Libyan Arabic and Tunisian Arabic are broadly quite similar, although where Tunisian Arabic uses quite a lot of French, Libyan Arabic does the same but with Italian. As you move further East across Libya towards the border with Egypt, you will also find that more Egyptian Arabic is used in the daily language as well. Our teachers use a variety of texts and media sources to teach Libyan Arabic, and can cater the classes the students' goals and needs. There will also be occasional events related to Libya at our centre, some of the internships that we provide can be focused on the country.

At the Taa Marbouta Language Centre, we teach Libyan Arabic as evening classes or private classes. For working professionals and those with busy schedules in the day, evening classes are also available for the price of TND 999. This covers 30 hours of evening classes, usually twice per week, with each session lasting 90 minutes. These are available on an ad hoc basis, and can begin once a minimum of two students have signed up. These groups require students to be at approximately the same level of ability, and can be provided to students at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes vary in size between two and eight students.

Private classes are available for TND 75 per hour, with a minimum of 20 hours required in order to process the booking. Schedules for private classes are flexible and simply dependent on the agreement of the student and the teacher. Private classes can take place online or in-person at our school in Carthage, Tunis. Please contact us via email, phone or on social media if you would like to discuss any of the above options further.

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